Brand Box

An employer brand box is a set of items with your brand name and logo printed on them. A small gesture that goes a very long way in building strong relationships with employees and partners, not to mention increasing brand awareness. Feel free to choose whatever you’d like from our wide selection of products. Don’t know where to start or can't find what you want? Send us a message – we will drop you a few ideas and find the best deal possible on the market.


3 Brand Box 🎁 Examples


Newbie Box

Show your new employees just how much you care about them by placing a newbie box at their desk on their first day! You can add an eco hat, recycled notebook, or maybe even a laptop or phone. Whatever you decide to add, your new employees will definitely feel valued from the very start. And a good start is half the battle!!!

head hunter

Head Hunter Box

Trying to convince a prospective employee to join your team? A little gift box can go a long way. You can add some eco candy, natural cosmetics, or anything else consistent with your brand philosophy. Who knows, maybe a head hunter box is all that’s keeping you from putting together the perfect team? If not, they will remember you and talk about you with their friends - we promise.

christmass box

Christmas Box

Share the Christmas joy with your partners and employees by giving out Christmas boxes! Maybe a cozy sweater with warm socks to help them get through the cold time of the year? Whatever you put in the box, the relationship between your company and the person receiving the box will just grow stronger. Oh, Christmas, if only it lasted longer!

employer branding

Employer Branding

These days, there are so many great companies to work at all over the world, and all of them are doing a great job attracting and retaining employees. Employer branding has certainly become a battlefield among competitors. Giving out brand boxes is a long-term game that strengthens your employer image and provides free advertising to your employee’s family, loved ones, friends, and just all of the people they meet!

How to start

Brand Box in 3 simple steps

contact us

Contact us

Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. It can be a specific idea, an unfinished idea, or no idea at all. We’ll use our creativity and collaborate with you to make the one.


Make an order

Order your desired quantity, after which we’ll start doing our magic. The minimum order quantity is 50 and the price depends on the stuff you choose to put inside

get an offer

Wait for delivery

We will pack and deliver everything to the specified location or deliver it in person to your employees and partners.

You are
what you give

Every business is special and unique in its own way, so we put a lot of effort into creating these Brand Boxes to reveal the character of your organization and make your brand stand out. And from the moment a person starts to use your promotional items, they become your brand ambassador, creating their own story of your brand. That’s why the contents of the box and how you present everything is especially important.