Invest in the planet with every purchase

Here at Brandrip, we want to make sure that choosing us means choosing sustainability. First off, this means that we focus on the finest quality products that will last long. Secondly, we pay attention to our partners’ values and how they make their products, which is why we love smaller companies with handmade products so much – they usually have great mindsets and goals!

What do we like about sustainability?

We believe that sustainability is a long-term game and we enjoy the process of it. We’re not obsessed with it, we just love the game. We don’t expect partners to make dramatic changes in this field either – instead, we encourage ourselves and our partners to make small conscious changes toward sustainability. Even if it means trying to relax more, which helps clear the mind and make better decisions regarding sustainability. Every day we find new direct and indirect ways to support sustainability, which means a more high-quality and balanced life for us.


How do we practice sustainability?


Sustainable products

We always prioritize manufacturers that manufactures sustainable products. We still have quite a few products that are not as sustainable as we’d like but we continue to work with manufacturers to enhance their sustainability or we search for alternatives. Your feedback here is invaluable. Do not hesitate to drop us a message with any comments or concerns you may have!


Partnerships we care about

Manufacturers are not just our partners. They’re also our friends. We always make sure that our partners’ values and business practices line up with our own. It’s important to us that they don’t just create sustainable products because they’re “in” but because they truly care about the environment.


1% goes to forests

By choosing us, you’ll help reforest the planet, which also means protecting biodiversity and keeping the air we breathe pure! We’ve partnered up with an organization called One Tree Planted and they receive 1% of all of our proceeds. $1=1 tree! Just imagine how many trees you will plant with your order!

We plant and protect trees

Our forests are crucial for every living being on earth, especially since so many trees are now being cut down every single day. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner up with One Tree Planted, which is an organization dedicated to bringing our forests back to life. In the year 2020 alone, they planted a total of 15 million trees! But it doesn’t end there. Every tree that is planted by this charity is taken care of and monitored, ensuring that these replanted forests are safe from harm.

Thank you!

Please don’t think you’re too small to foster real change.